Southwestern NC HOME Consortium 

Arrangements will be made to provide technical assistance, participation, or review of any or all parts of these announcements or the details of any of the Southwestern NC HOME Consortiums plans, in a manner that is effective for persons with disabilities or any person with Limited English Proficiency (LEP).


A Consolidated Plan is required by HUD to inform the allocation of HOME funds both annually, and over a five-year period. The Plan describes the housing needs and market supply for low-to-moderate-income households, as well as special needs populations and includes a five-year strategic plan and an annual action plan.

SW NC HOME Consortium Consolidated Plan


Annual Action Plans provide a summary of actions, activities, and resources that will be used each year to address the priority needs and goals specified by the Consolidated Plan.

Southwestern NC HOME FY 2022 Annual Action Plan

Southwestern NC HOME FY 2023 Annual Action Plan DRAFT (posted 07/17/23)

Southwestern NC HOME FY 2021 Annual Action Plan Amendment (posted 05/01/24)


The Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) is a step in HUDS Consolidated Plan Process for use of the HOME grant funds. It is the annual report on accomplishments and progress made toward the completed years Annual Action Plan goals.

Southwestern NC HOME Consortium CAPER 2021

Southwestern NC HOME Consortium CAPER 2022 (posted 11/28/23)


The Citizen Participation Plan describes the opportunities for citizens to participate in the development of the Consolidated Plan and future amendments to the plan.

Southwestern NC HOME Citizen Participation Plan