North Carolina’s State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) can be viewed here.

Prioritization 7.O

Prioritization 7.0 takes place during 2023-2024 and will develop the 2026-2035 STIP.  

SWRPO Final Prioritization 7.0 Project Submittals



Prioritization 6.O

Prioritization 5.O

Prioritization 5.0 occurred during 2017-2018 and resulted in the 2020-2029 STIP.

The method used to assign these local input points is detailed here: 
SWRPO Prioritization 5.0 Local Methodology


Prioritization 4.O

Prioritization 4.0 occurred during 2015-2016, and resulted in the STIP for 2018-2027.

The results of Prioritization 4.0 were published in Draft STIP in January 2017. A list of the projects funded in the Southwestern RPO can be found here and a map of the projects can be found here.

2016-07-25 FINAL SWRPO P4.0 Regional Point Assignments
SWRPO P4.0 Regional Points Deviation from Methodology
Final P4 SWRPO Local Points – Division Tier
SWRPO P4.0 Division Points Deviation from Methodology
SWRPO Prioritization 4.0 Methodology FINAL March_2016