The Health Promotion Program

Chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, or cancer are, unfortunately, often a part of the aging process and can create challenges that affect every aspect of a person’s life.  Ninety-two percent of people over age 65 live with at least one chronic health condition; seventy-seven percent live with two or more such conditions. However, learning to manage those conditions enables people to stay healthy, active, and engaged in their communities. The Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Programs provide adults with evidence-based techniques and strategies to delay and/or manage chronic health conditions and include activities that promote:  improved nutrition, emotional and social well-being, physical fitness, and fall prevention to help older adults and their caregivers better manage their health.  To find a list of programs offered locally, visit the links below:

Jackson County Department on Aging
Macon County Senior Services/Crawford Senior Center
Swain County Senior Center