Southwestern NC Freight Rail Transload Study

Request for Letters of Interest – DUE APRIL 30, 2020

ADDENDUM April 18, 2020:

No substantive questions regarding the RFLOI content were received. Several questions were received pertaining to the NCDOT Prequalification process. The Southwestern Commission is not involved with NCDOT’s Prequalification process. Please contact NCDOT for questions; a Contact form is included on the Prequalification website:¬†
NCDOT Prequalification Site

1. The prime contractor AND any subcontractors on the team must be prequalified in at least ONE of the work codes listed. None of the firms are required to be prequalified in ALL of the work codes.
2. The Prequalification does not need to be completed by the April 30 RFLOI deadline. The Prequalification must be complete before entering into a contract with the selected firm.