Request for Proposals- Broadband Mapping Fabric

The Southwestern Commission (SWC) seeks the professional services of a qualified consultant to conduct a Community Broadband Assessment for the seven western counties of North Carolina.  

To ensure that the counties within North Carolina are correctly represented in the new FCC data, and to ensure that the state of North Carolina receives appropriate grant funding levels, it is imperative for regional and county governments participate in the challenge process. Unfortunately, not all counties in WNC Region A possess the GIS resources or knowledge to participate in this process. This project would be to contract with GIS professionals to assist local governments in this protest process by helping them to download the county relevant data, assess that data against its own data, and prepare and submit the protest documentation for local governments.

Proposals must be received by 5:00 PM eastern time February 1st, 2023.

Proposals should be emailed ([email protected]) or delivered to:
Southwestern Commission
ATTN: Russ Harris
125 Bonnie Lane
Sylva, NC 28779

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