North Carolina’s State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) can be viewed here.

The projects listed below have committed funds for construction, and are not subject to Prioritization 5.0

Projects in Design phase – March 2018
Projects under Construction – March 2018

Prioritization 5.O

Prioritization 5.0 occurs during 2017 and 2018. The results will update the STIP for 2020-2029.

Click HERE to provide your input on Transportation Priorities for our region. The Survey is 0pen until April 30.

The proposed schedule for Prioritization 5.0 can be found here.

The Southwestern RPO Methodology for Assigning Local Input Points is posted here: SWRPO Prioritization 5.0 Local Methodology_Final

Key dates for local input include:

July-September 2017: Submit new projects for scoring

April-July 2018: Regional Impact Projects Local Input Window

September-October 2018: Division Needs Local Input Window


Prioritization 4.O

Prioritization 4.0 occurred during 2015-2016, and resulted in the STIP for 2018-2027.

The results of Prioritization 4.0 were published in Draft STIP in January 2017. A list of the projects funded in the Southwestern RPO can be found here and a map of the projects can be found here.

2016-07-25 FINAL SWRPO P4.0 Regional Point Assignments
SWRPO P4.0 Regional Points Deviation from Methodology
Final P4 SWRPO Local Points – Division Tier
SWRPO P4.0 Division Points Deviation from Methodology
SWRPO Prioritization 4.0 Methodology FINAL March_2016