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Discover a wealth of educational opportunities designed to enrich your understanding and skills in various aspects of aging and well-being. Our training programs, facilitated directly by AAA staff, offer valuable insights and practical knowledge to support individuals, caregivers, and professionals alike.

Trainings Offered Directly by AAA Staff

Life is Not Always Good (Grief and Loss)

Explore the intricacies of the grieving process and learn to navigate loss with resilience and understanding. This workshop offers valuable insights into coping with grief and recognizing its unique manifestations.

Approximate Length: 1 hour

Audience: Anyone 


Combine the fun of bingo with exercise and health education to promote physical activity and well-being among participants.

Approximate length: 10 weeks, 2x week, 45-60 min

Audience: Older Adults

Germs, Germs, Germs

Delve into the world of common germs, their associated illnesses, and effective prevention strategies, with a special focus on the importance of handwashing. Witness firsthand the power of proper hygiene in combating germs.

Approximate Length: 1 hour

Audience: Anyone

Building Better Caregivers

Gain valuable insights and practical skills to enhance caregiving for individuals with various conditions affecting memory and well-being.

Approximate length: 6 weeks, 1x week, 2 hours

Audience: Caregivers 

Planning for the Future

Gain clarity on Advance Directives and essential legal documents, empowering you to make informed decisions about future care and end-of-life preferences.

Approximate Length: 1 hour 

Audience: Anyone

Communicating with Older Adults (Older Adult Sensitivity)

Develop sensitivity and effective communication strategies when interacting with older adults, gaining insight into the aging process and its associated challenges.

Approximate Length: 1 hour

Audience: Persons working with Older Adults

Little Book of BIG Conversations

Prepare for meaningful discussions surrounding end-of-life care with a fun and interactive workshop designed to alleviate the discomfort often associated with these conversations.

Approximate Length: 1 hour 

Audience: Anyone   

Dementia Friends

Become a supportive ally to individuals living with dementia, learning simple yet impactful ways to provide assistance and understanding in daily interactions.

Approximate Length: 1 hour

Audience: Anyone   

Embracing Your Unique-ness

Celebrate individuality and foster awareness of diversity in this insightful workshop, designed to promote understanding and respect for the uniqueness of every person.

Approximate Length: 45 minutes

Audience: Older Adults

Sense & Non-Sense, Dementia De-mystified

Demystify dementia and gain a deeper understanding of its impact on the brain and daily functioning in this enlightening session.

Approximate Length: 1 hour

Audience: Anyone


Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to prevent healthcare fraud and abuse, empowering older adults and caregivers to safeguard Medicare and Medicaid resources.

Approximate Length:  30 – 45 minutes

Audience: Medicare recipients or caregivers

Virtual Dementia Tour (VDT) 

Step into the shoes of someone living with dementia through this immersive experience, fostering empathy and awareness of the challenges faced by individuals with dementia.

Approximate Length: 1 to 2 hours

Audience: Anyone

Portion Distortion

Uncover the truth about food portion sizes and learn practical strategies for maintaining a healthy diet in an era of super-sized servings.

Approximate Length: 1 hour

Audience: Anyone

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) 

Acquire the skills to recognize and intervene effectively in situations involving suicidal ideation, promoting safety and support for individuals in crisis.

Approximate Length: 2 full days                   

Audience: Anyone

Person Centered Training

Master person-centered thinking skills and essential lifestyle planning techniques to empower individuals with greater control over their lives.

Approximate Length: 2 days

Audience: Persons working with older adults and persons with disabilities



Workshops AAA Coordinates Leaders to Teach in Your Community

A Matter of Balance

This 8-session workshop is specifically crafted to alleviate the fear of falling and boost the activity levels of older adults concerned about falls.

Length:  8 Two-Hour Sessions, 1x week for 8 weeks or 2x week for 4 weeks


Living Healthy with Chronic Pain

Experience relief and empowerment with this 6-week series tailored for individuals grappling with chronic pain conditions. From musculoskeletal pain to neuropathic pain, participants learn to better manage symptoms, communicate effectively, set goals, and craft personalized plans for improved health and quality of life.

Length: 6 weeks, 1x week, 2 hours

Living Healthy

Embark on a transformative journey with this 6-week series designed to empower individuals to manage chronic conditions effectively and lead happier, healthier lives. Through interactive sessions held once a week for 2 hours, participants learn valuable strategies to alleviate symptoms, simplify daily tasks, and maximize their well-being.

Length: 6 weeks, 1x week, 2 hours

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention

Improve mobility, balance, and relaxation with this 20-session program featuring Sun style Tai Chi. Designed to enhance the quality of life for individuals with arthritis, each hour-long session incorporates agile steps and exercises aimed at reducing falls and promoting overall well-being.

Approximate Length: 20 Sessions, 1 hour per session

Living Healthy with Diabetes

Designed as a comprehensive 6-week series, this workshop equips individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to manage diabetes with confidence. Participants learn to effectively manage symptoms, enhance communication, combat fatigue, and boost self-assurance through engaging sessions held once a week for 2 hours.

Length: 6 weeks, 1x week, 2 hours



Train the Trainer 

Train the Trainer: Empowering Leaders for Health Education

Become a certified leader in health education through our Train the Trainer program. Led by AAA staff, this specialized training equips individuals with the skills and knowledge to effectively teach the following workshops:

  • Living Healthy
  • Living Healthy with Diabetes
  • Living Healthy with Chronic Pain
  • A Matter of Balance

Our comprehensive training curriculum prepares leaders to facilitate engaging and impactful sessions, empowering participants to take control of their health and well-being. By completing this program, you’ll gain the expertise to guide others towards healthier lifestyles and chronic disease management.

Join us in our mission to promote health and vitality in our communities. Contact us to learn more about our Train the Trainer program and upcoming training opportunities.

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Spring Conference

Join us for our annual Spring Conference, where experts and leaders gather to discuss the latest trends, insights, and innovations in elder care and aging services. Couldn’t attend in person? No worries! You can catch up on all the enlightening sessions and discussions by accessing our exclusive playlist on YouTube. Dive into thought-provoking topics and stay informed about advancements in the field.

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Senior Celebration

Celebrate the wisdom, vitality, and contributions of our beloved seniors with our Senior Celebration event. Relive the heartwarming moments and joyful memories by watching the highlights on YouTube. From inspiring stories to uplifting performances, this celebration honors the vibrant spirit of our senior community.

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Meals on Wheels Promo

Support our Meals on Wheels program and make a difference in the lives of homebound seniors in our community. Discover how you can get involved and contribute to this vital service by watching our promotional video on YouTube. Together, we can ensure that no senior goes hungry and that everyone receives the nourishment and care they deserve.

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