North Carolina Senior Medicare Patrol Program

Learn about the North Carolina Senior Medicare Patrol (NCSMP), a proactive educational program dedicated to reducing errors, fraud, and abuse within Medicare across the state.

NCSMP aims to empower Medicare beneficiaries and caregivers by providing education about Medicare benefits. This includes understanding Medicare Summary Notices and Explanations of Benefits (EOB).

Tips to prevent Medicare fraud:

  • Regularly review your Medicare statements.
  • Safeguard your Medicare number.
  • Remember, Medicare services are rarely “free.”
  • Educate yourself about your benefits.
  • Be cautious of services advertised as “too good to be true.”
  • Medicare does not engage in door-to-door solicitations.

For assistance or to learn more, reach out to NCSMP toll-free at 855-408-1212 to speak with one of our NCSMP Medicare Specialists.