Congratulations to this Year’s Busse Award Recipient!

The Busse Award was established to recognize an individual or organization that has had a significant impact on enhancing the health status of older North Carolinians through efforts to direct health-related policies and/or to provide leadership in developing innovative solutions to health care problems. The award is named for Dr. Ewald W. Busse, who was president emeritus of the NC Institute of Medicine and a founding director of the Duke University Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development.

This year’s Busse Award is presented to the Macon County Community Paramedic Program. The Community Paramedic Program started as a way of bringing healthcare to people’s homes. The program now includes 60 patients and paramedics make weekly home visits, perform blood draws, manage medications, give flu shots and provide other procedures. When the program started, it began with no extra funds. Later, various grants helped the program expand. Because of the program, there has been a reduction in hospital readmissions, a reduction in 911 response to high utilizers of the service, improved quality of life for recipients and reduced transport for participants for both medical and behavioral health related issues. The Macon County Community Paramedic Program makes a significant impact on the health of Macon County’s seniors through direct health related services and is a shining example for other emergency medical services across the State.

Hank Bowers, Assistant Director for Aging and Adult Services, will present the award to Macon Community Paramedic Program at the monthly meeting of County Commissioners on Tuesday, February 13.

Congratulations to the Macon County Community Paramedic Program!  And thank you for all you do for your community!